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My name is Paula Zuehlke and I'm the new owner of Crazy About Banners.

I own numerous other advertising/income properties and I'm excited about all the changes we have planned for CAB.

Register and/or log in today to find out more!"

Welcome to Crazy About Banners or CAB for short where we really are crazy about banners ... and for good reason!

Banners are a really simple way to advertise and a great way to attract others to your business.

For a low, low one time only fee of just $20, CAB gives you 2 banner ads for life, and 2 text ads for life. You can change your banner and text ads when and as often as you want to. With your membership at CAB you also get full page log-in ads with 1000 page views on us so you can really showcase your business.

More than just a great way to advertise your business CAB can even help you increase your earning potential. By introducing CAB to others you can earn a $10 sponsorship bonus every time someone joins CAB using your referral link and that's just the start.

Every CAB member is automatically placed in our 2x20 forced matrix. Just for being a CAB member you can earn commissions on every member that spills under you in your entire organization and it doesn't matter who sponsored them. The table below shows potential earnings.

1 2 $0.01 $0.02 $0.02
2 4 $0.10 $0.40 $0.42
3 8 $0.01 $0.08 $0.50
4 16 $0.10 $1.60 $2.10
5 32 $0.01 $0.32 $2.42
6 64 $0.25 $16.00 $18.42
7 128 $0.01 $1.28 $19.70
8 256 $0.50 $128.00 $147.70
9 512 $0.01 $5.12 $152.82
10 1024 $1.00 $1024.00 $1176.82
11 2048 $0.01 $20.48 $1197.30
12 4096 $2.15 $8806.40 $10003.70
13 8192 $0.01 $81.92 $10085.62
14 16384 $1.00 $16384.00 $26469.62
15 32768 $0.01 $327.68 $26797.30
16 65536 $0.75 $49152.00 $75949.30
17 131072 $0.01 $1310.72 $77260.02
18 262144 $.50 $131072.00 $208332.02
19 524288 $0.01 $5242.88 $213574.90
20 1048576 $0.75 $786432.00 $1,000,006.09

Want more ads and even more income potential? No Problem. By purchasing additional advertising using your own referral link you benefit from even more great advertising for life, a $10 discount in the form of a sponsorship bonus PLUS you get an extra position in the matrix that can greatly increase your income potential.


We are crazy about helping you make money!

You'll find access to some of the best marketing tools online today right in the downline builder area of your CAB backoffice.

Not only did we make it easy for you to find more awesome and affordable marketing tools that you can use to grow your business, you can update all the programs in the downline builder with your own referral links, making this a really easy way to build your downline and income potential.

2 Lifetime Banner Ads
2 Lifetime Text Ads
Low, low one time only fee
1000 Full Page Login Ad views
$10 Sponsorship Bonus
2x20 Forced Matrix
Built-in Downline builder
Million Dollar Income Potential!
All Earnings Paid DAILY!

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