Banners are often the first things that we see on a website and most often, banners are also the first things that can catch our attention when we visit a site. If you have a website and you want to make your own creative website banners to make your website more appealing and attractive, read on to find some tips that you might find useful.

Banners these days are also used as a tool in online advertising and not just something that introduces your website to online readers. If you don’t want to have banners that are of similar designs with other websites and advertisers, and if you want to make creative website banners for your website, you may want to explore and learn how to make your own. Here are some tips that may guide you in making your own banners – whether for your website of for your ads.

  • Stick to the standard size of banners. Especially if you do advertising with your banners, it is important that the banner loads faster than the patience of the people waiting for the banner to load.
  • Be sure always that you have edited and proofread your texts for grammar as well as a misspelling. These are among the basics that you have to check out.
  • Choose your colors wisely. Yes, you may choose attractive colors to catch attention, but make sure too that you are not distracting the readers. Avoid glaring colors that are not reader-friendly. If you are making banner ads, you can also make banners that blend well with the color of the website you are putting it in.
  • Add movements. Animated banners often catch more attention than the static ones, thus take advantage of this. Be creative in adding movements to your banners. However, keep in mind too that too much animation can also annoy readers, thus make sure also that your animations are not distracting but appealing. You can also make use of creative ideas such as changing of images when the mouse hovers over it, or changing of colors – minimal animation can work well too.
  • Using flash in your banners is also another good point in making attention-grabbing banners. However, you have to keep in mind that these may not appear on the screen for users that do not have plug-ins to allow flash banners to show. If you don’t want to risk it, you can, however, opt to use the animated GIF format to add movements in your banner.
  • Have a professional looking banner. Of course, you have to make sure you are using images that are clear and not blurry. Also, make sure that your banners are properly aligned with and are not pixelated.

Keep these tips in mind if you are making creative website banners. Although there is no limit as to the design of your banners, it is also important to avoid some things that might forfeit the purpose of your banners.

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